(Shh!) It’s Another Music Post And I Can Hear RedNeck Over There Rolling Her Eyes


I’m always writing about older bands, vintage if you will, but I have a love for many new ones too.  So I thought it might be time to do another Top Ten Loves and To Ten Hates of newer bands/singers for MP3s.  I was reminded last post that not everyone has a Zune, and that most have ipods.  I want to slightly address that too.


I bought 2 ipods the real deals, and neither held up to the abuse my Zune does.  I will say when my “second” daughter (you know who you are) dropped her ipod in our yard it went through  the whole Winter and was spit out the snowblower and my son turned it on and it worked.  Mine however, never held up to anything near that.


Top 10 Loves For NEWER Artists

1.  Florence And The Machine

2.  Christina Perri

3.  Demi Lovato

4.  Michael Buble

5.  Train

6.  Kelly Clarkson

7.  Rob Thomas

8.  Adele

9.  Bruno Mars

10.  Usher


Top 10 Hates for NEWER Artists

1.  Chris Brown

2.  Taylor Swift

3.  Justin Bieber

4.  Nicki Minaj

5.  Miriah Carey

6.  Brittany Spears

7.  Paris Hilton

8.  Gavin DeGraw

9.  Rascal Flatts

10.  Kenny Chesney


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