Sibu The Start – #1

Those of you that have been readers for awhile are probably well aware of how much Joie and I like love Sibu products. We have been blessed to have worked with them several times over the last couple of years. Which is what brings us to this post.


The Start.

It’s not the start of learning about Sibu but it is the start of living with Sibu Gel Caps. I want to give you the entire story and probably more information about me than you may even care to know! 🙂 It’ll be fun, sit back and hang on.

This is the the first post of several I have lined up in regards to Sibu. I’m going on a journey with Sibu Gel Caps – daily. Religiously. I’m taking my 13 year old daughter along with me. I’m not going to spill all of the beans right here, right now.

Why would I want to journal taking Sibu Soft Gel Caps, Cellular Support made from sea buckthorn berry also known as the “beauty berry”. I’m not in it for the beauty … well, maybe I am a little bit but my main reason for doing this is to feel better. When I take the Sibu Gel Caps daily on a regular basis, I really feel great. My get up and go returns for visits – how great is that?

On a daily basis I live with depression, lyme disease and chronic fatigue. Those three things combined make getting up in the mornings hard, really hard. Each with it’s own circle of hatefulness that I live with and face daily. I’m not going to be stopping any of my current medications. I’m simply going to add Sibu. Yes, I feel that it’s really that safe. When I see my Dr. next month, I’ll let him know what I’m up to and am going to ask that he check my cholesterol again, I’m curious if that will drop without taking a prescription medication. I recently had to stop taking that prescription because I was allergic to it.

Take note here – I am not a Dr., I don’t claim to be a Dr. and if you choose to take any kind of supplement, including but not limited to Sibu, I suggest that YOU discuss this with your own Dr. before beginning. This post is my opinion, my feelings and my journey please discuss any of the above with a physician before you give it a try.

With all that said, this is the first post of a “few” that I have lined up.

I hope you’ll walk with me, read my weekly posts which I think I’ll call my Sibu Diary.



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