KISS Earbuds – The Best

My son bought me these KISS Earbuds for my Birthday and they are the best I’ve ever had.  Not just the sound but the buds are small and don’t hurt your ears.  The sound quality is beautiful and I have used them non stop since January.  The wires are more a string type material.  I haven’t seen any like this before.  I love the wiring because it’s sturdier and it doesn’t seem to attract our cats attention (they are earbud thieves.


Everyone jibes Gene Simmons the king of marketing  for all things KISS, but I have to say he did well with this one.  Every site I’ve found them on (Yeah baby I’m stockin’ up), they’ve been very affordable.  Oh, I need to add….I received NO product for this and all thoughts are my own.  Remember to use your VOLUME responsibly.

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