The Witches Want To Help Your TGIF!

Hopefully everyone has started out their Friday in a way that will help them be their best. In the shower? Creo Care for the hair (don’t for get it heals your hair) and SheaMoisture to get you clean and still moisturize your skin. Take a brush to those teeth and Rinse with The Natural Dentist. Since you’ve started out with Creo don’t forget to use their Shine Spray when styling that hair.

Now lets work on that poor tired face, because if you , like me are in the normal range, and only got 6 hours of sleep or less.  You’re going to need some help. Exfoliate that beautiful face with the new Exfoliating Scrub from Sibu, and since Sibu is all about the best you, the Age Defying Cream would be next on my list with their Body Cream and Cellular Support. (See Roses post about Sibu Cellular Support).

Hungry? If you’re not, you need breakfast anyway and this is the perfect time to start the New Kashi GOLEAN Crisp Cereal sprinkled with some Sun-Maid Raisins will get your body moving.  A little work with the journey gym will have your morning perfect right? Probably not if you’re like me, the kids are yelling and fighting and it’s only the first day of Spring Break.

Mom needs to block some of that sound with the Kiss Earbuds (Just grin and nod Rose, that it don’t for get to smile), yeah I love mine and hopefully they won’t wear out anytime too soon. Grab the Season 1 of Breakout Kings and find out what this great series is all about starting with Season One.


Help your kids make Masks from the movie Avengers! This will keep them busy while you’re looking at Brewing Witch’s posts for the Easter Bunny Cake. I suggest you make each one and their variations.  Have a Spring Break Splurge and this will be perfect for some “sweet” revenge fromm all the times you’ve watched the neighborhood kids. Feed them said bunny cakes and send them home just in time for dinner. 😛

Speaking of dinner, get it started with the Hamburger Helper Ultimate Cheesy Italian Beef or if you are like us we don’t eat meat on Fridays we’ll make the Tuna Noodle Helper. Finally, a little you time. A glass of Calunaturale and The WAHL Therapeutic Massager will help you work on getting rid of that stiff neck or aching back and you should ready for a good nights rest.


Networking Witches are not doctors and don't pretend to be. If you drink, drink responsibly. If you eat all 3 bunny cakes on your own you probably will have a stomach ache.

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