FAST Del Monte – 2 Winners – Thanks For Entering

NOOOOOT gonna happen.  So I’ve been thinking should I stalk her Facebook?  She’d catch me too fast on Twitter and then I thought well geesh I can do it right here!   She’s in town which is still in the middle of no where to us.  Then I was thinking what should I do.  I had to think super hard and sometimes it’s the simple thoughts that throw her.


So here’s the deal.  I have to leave in just a bit for a very hurtful doctor apt. for my poor son and I think we should do a short giveaway?


Giveaway is for a $5 Del Monte Teacher Monday Certificate, and we’ll have 2 winners.  Only down side is that they expire on 4/30/12 so I’ll email them tomorrow.  This giveaway ends at 11:00 pm est.


Here is how you can Enter:

Tweet our giveaways.  Any of them including this one, and leave me the link.

Pin it babe!  Leave me the link.  You can pin any of them.


This is quick and simple 🙂  Have fun



Winner #2 Joan

Winner #6 Tina