04/25/12 Jadience Herbal Formulas Detox Capsules & Patches Giveaway

I have shared Jadience Herbal Formulas with you before with the Jadience – Intensive Eye Treatment, and Jadience – Slimming Formula & Slimming Patches. Jadience formulas have been renowned for centuries. The proper formulation, arises from the true understanding of properties and functions of each herb, and the ways in which the herbs relate to and affect one another. This is the principle of a proper herbal formula, which will ultimately be absorbed by the body, and spirit without producing harmfel side-effects.

Jadience Herbal Formulas sent me their Stress Relieving Detox Patch and Total Body Detox Capsules. Total Body Detox Formula Vegan Capsule. This unique formula is a natural, internal formula specifically designed for daily detoxification and is made up of a fusion of East Asian herbs, including Dandelion Root and Burdock Root, that support the body’s normal cleansing process and removes toxins that build up due to pollution (air, water, and food), chemicals, stress, and hormonal based products.

The benefits of the Jadience Total Body Detox Capsules:

  • Supports Body’s Cleansing Process
  • Removes Toxins
  • Supports Immune System

Jadience – Advanced Herbal Technology, Stress Relieving Detox Packages. Stress can lead to muscle aches, headaches, fatigue, mental ambiguity, emotional imbalances, sleep irregularities and metabolic dysfunction. These symptoms of stress are some of the leading causes of illness and disease. Jadience Herbal Formulas unique formulation of East Asian herbs, such as Coptidis, Inulae, Corydalis and Cyperi, calms your mind, balances your chi, harmonizes your organ systems, and removes toxins. We bring you this centuries proven formula combined with the benefits of modern technology to detoxify your body, calm your mind, increase vitality and overcome daily stress.



This is Ideal for Symptoms of Stress

  • Sleeplessnes
  • Muscle Aches
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Mental Ambiguity

I’m trying these prodcuts that Jadience was generous enough to share. I have migranes on almost a daily basis and I would much rather use natural producuts than other harsh products on my system. Jadience would like you too, to try these products and are willing to send a Networking Witches reader the same products I received.

Buy It:

Visit Natural Skin RX to purchase Jadience products and to save even more use code:  WinterWitch to save 15% on all products site wide.

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One Networking Witches reader is going to win the same Jadience Detox Capsules & Detox Patches I received.

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Visit Jadience and share with us a product you would like to try.

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I received sample product for review.  This in no way influenced my opinion.  I received no monetary compensation.