Vinyl Records Vs. MP3/CDs

We’ve had some interesting conversation here in our house. My son Ian was missing one album from Journey and it was only available in Japan. He had to have it and finally snagged one on ebay. So ME being the practical one says “Ian you don’t have a record player” child replies with “I know but I have the record and now no one can take it from me” <–insert eyes rolling.

A month or so after I’m looking through a magazine and found this neat little record/mp3/cd player and converter. Can you say gotta have it? I have all my old records and I KNOW Ian is dieing to play his new album and I want to play my old Kiss records.

So I got to thinking about all the great records in the basement that were mine, my husbands, and whoever else donated to our collection. I wonder IF you do convert the albums if you get the vinyl sound. There is a distinct difference from a needle rolling along the album to a cd/mp3 crystal clear tone.

Why would you want to hear the vinyl? There is a point that sound is lost in translation between vinyl & cd/mp3. We have gone for perfection as a society and now are losing the meaning, true sound and possibly the skip of the record. Gone are the days of your mean older sisters getting pissed because in retaliation you jump near the record player and “skip it good”.

I listen to my MP3 daily and it’s only out of my ears to charge. I notice how songs are played and that the same sound isn’t in both ears for effect. With the vinyl what you see is what you hear. There is no special effects in one ear and melody in the other. It just is.

I regress rather easily and Rose calls it ADD (squirrel). Back to the point of the converter. I want one! I want to play my old records, and have an extensive collection with nothing to play them on. Hmm I may want to put some of them on the MP3 for old times sake.

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