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When I had my daughter I sincerely thought I was going to die. My husband worked and wasn’t used to a new baby either and would give me a push out of bed to take care of her. She screamed non stop. She hated the hot weather, she wouldn’t nurse, and the bath oh my gosh it scared me so bad that I couldn’t move.

I thought the baby screaming meant I was doing something wrong. I had no help and at 3 weeks I went with my mom, and Sarena to our family reunion in Tennessee. This was the best thing that ever happened to me. All of these elderly women with advice and finally saying as I bawled “Aww honey, babies cry”. Wouldn’t it be awesome of babies came with instructions?

Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions by Blythe Lipman, and from Cleis Press is a must read for any new parent.

Bringing home baby can be one of the most exhilarating and nerve-wracking days in a new parent’s life. Blythe Lipman has devoted her life to the art of newborn care and offers wise and witty practical advice in this parent-tested, doctor-approved book. Filled with valuable information new parents need, Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions will have nervous new moms and sleep-deprived dads feeling confident about their parenting skills. Hints on daily routines, sleep patterns, crying, the art and science of diapering, and traveling with a newborn are all included.

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