Ready Set LIFE!

It’s already 1:22 pm and I’m sitting here being lazy. Rose and I both have had a stressful last couple of weeks. Rose, if you saw her Facebook page, graduated her son Austin. She’s so very proud and so she should be. Austin is a great kid and soon to be great adult.

Her limited access has been because she abused her poor computer and the cord ended up in 3 pieces. She has a new cord and things should be smooth sailing with her very soon. In all honesty when I met her in St. Louis she was dragging her computer all over and thought that the poor thing needed to be a little less loved.

I myself have been so busy running to doctor appointments. I didn’t really want to share this but I think I will, back to the my blog my rules kinda thing. I had been literally gushing blood for almost 2 weeks (tmi, yes I know). It was bad, beyond bad and I finally got up the courage (after being viciously prodded by Rose and my sister in law) to go to the doctor. It’s not a lot of fun having the lady parts looked at.

The nurse practitioner saw me at our doctors office and said I had to see an obgyn right away (insert big sigh, I hate being told I HAVE to do something). She was rather pushy and I had an appointment for the next day. I’m not one of those open feelings and medical type of people. She explained to me they needed to look for the cause since it had been 6 years since my last period. (Menopause at 36), and it could be a tumor or cancer. She sent me for blood work and they would have the results the next day. Now in all seriousness if I hadn’t bled to death by then I surely would when they were done taking a half pint for tests (yeah it was a lot and I kept thinking with each tube that I may not stay conscious for the next tube).

The next morning I was at the Obgyn’s and after an ultra sound the doctor told me I had a tumor or polyp but something that shouldn’t be there. That it needed to biopsied asap. Like right then. This seriously hurt and I wasn’t prepared. I’m not going to lie but it is a manageable pain and is over quickly. I am still banging my head as to why I took no one with me. I guess I didn’t know what to expect. The only ones I shared this with was Rose and my husband.

I had to wait 5 days for the results of the biopsy and it was the most painstaking 5 days I think I’ve ever had. I’m happy to announce I’m cancer free. However, thinking back on this whole ordeal I would never go through it with out taking someone with me. The doctors put the fear of God into me. It’s kind of like you don’t know how bad you want to live until your hanging there not in the know.

I didn’t give the polyp type thingy permission to inhabit my body and I want the damn thing out. So what are they going to do? Nothing unless this happens again and if it does I’ll be to the doctor on day one.


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