Hoping Everyone Had a Beautiful Mother’s Day

I hope all of us moms had a very Happy Mother’s Day. I had a long weekend with hubby and I feel like I have been living for a week. On Wednesday he absolutely had to see the Avengers and was dragging me out of the house to see it. It was really good (another post). Friday night I begged to go see Dark Shadows. I really enjoyed this one too.  I never go to the movies.  2 in a week left a homebody like me  out of my element.

Saturday we had the bridging for Cub Scouts. Last year there were probably less than 10 people. This year There was 50 or more. It’s nice to see such a great turn out. All of these boys are learing great skills that will help them later in life.

Finally to Mother’s Day. Yesterday I was flooded with cards and a few gifts. I was shocked, floored really to receive a kiln. Not a small one either this is huge and 2 tiered. For those of you who don’t know I do ceramics for our church Christmas Raffle and whenever any other organization asks, but all of our ceramic stores have closed and it’s gotten hard to get my pieces fired.

I’m thrilled, but now I have to learn how to use it. Paying a small fee and dropping off your pieces and later picking it up is one thing. Firing up your own kiln and learning to do this is another story. This came from an estate sale and I assure them it has  come to a good home.

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