Good Tuesday Morning & Random Thoughts


Good Tuesday Morning! It’s dreary here and I’m hoping for rain. We need lots of it. We are all under red flag warnings here. About a month ago it rained almost non stop but the ground was frozen and it just sat there. Now it’s terribly dry. There was a major fire near Lake Michigan last night and the house was a total loss. Many times our firefighters get the water straight from the lake <-just a little random thought.

I love living here but a mild winter and already struggling economy have people moving on. People I’ve known for years are moving to other states for jobs. The government is saying the economy is on the upswing but I beg to differ. I don’t even know who to vote for at this point. There is a sense of hopelessness here. There is no longer a middle class.

My husband and I have talked about moving but we are near (next door actually) both sets of parents and all of our other siblings live far away. It’s not that they need to be baby sat but they do need help. I have lived here with a view of the bay for half the pay since I was born. Hubby’s family is from the next county over.

We used to have one of the best hospitals in the country, but it too has become run down, doctors have left. Doctors aren’t billing with correct codes <–I’m not starting the medical rant again.

My husband is a college graduate and there used to be jobs for him here. Now he works in the industry I grew up in. Sadly when times get tough so does crime, and there are jobs in the Alarm Industry.

I have no real place I’m going with this I guess it’s radom thoughts. We are one of the lucky few that own less on our home than it’s value but homes and real estate aren’t selling here so we’re still stuck, and at middle age you don’t really want to start over.

ACK! Middle age. I think I need that second cup of coffee.

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