Today I’m Chillin’ A Bit More Than Yesterday

Holy Crapola Batman, I went over the deep edge yesterday eh?  I’m a bit nicer and told my kids I am there mom and I was just joking when I said they were hatched.   What’s your plans for the weekend?


I had a picnic planned for tonight but it’s gotten too cold and a lot windy.  Our trip to the waterfront will have to be stalled for now.  When it’s windy the waves hit and go over our break wall.  The break wall is what separates the inland bay from the big lake.  When swimming in the bays the water is calmer, and swimming in the big lake has more riptides and currents making days like this dangerous.

Petoskey Breakwall Some rights reserved by Odalaigh

Tomorrow, I think we’re going to take the kids kite flying.  Stupid huh?  Well, not exactly.  There is a lot of wind here most especially around the lakes and it makes for great kite flying.  These aren’t your $1 kites, many of these kites are valued in the $100s of dollars.  We have on that Neal an I got when we first got married and it still flies perfectly today.  It’s kind of neat that a toy we invested in years ago is still being used by our whole family.


We have a lot of little festivals going on in the area, and I’m checking out all the Chambers of Commerce.

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