Tweezerman The Beauty Tool Experts

It’s an ugly truth but to keep looking our best we must groom with tweezers. Tweezerman, has the tweezer for you. Tweezerman is the choice of celebrities, beauty professionals and the most descerning customers.
Tweezerman feels:

Every woman deserves the best tools and the beauty expertise to make their lives more beautiful. Known both ‘behind the scenes’ and ‘on the street’ as the word of mouth, must-have brand for over 30 years, our beauty tools are beloved by everyone from celebrities, models and make-up artists to top beauty gurus, magazine editors and women from all walks of life around the world. Tweezerman constantly works to develop innovations to serve you, our customers, ever better. Whenever and wherever you experience our brand, we aim to provide you with the best in beauty tools, tips, and techniques in addition to excellence in attention to detail and service.

I myself have eyebrow issues. I never really know how to make them look arched, give them right color, or  just plain making them groomed correctly. I don’t like the drawn on look and I’m afraid of over plucking and over correcting. Tweezerman can help. They want you to have the perfect brow too and even have a special place on their website to help you.

I love these tweezers. The work well and working well helps to keep you from pulling on the same hair twice. The Satin Etched Petite Tweeze set I received for review are fashionable and fit in a small storage pouch to keep them together and ready for when I need them.


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