What Does The Future Hold?

I know I do a lot of music posts and I happened to mention to Rose how many people in the music profession have died in the last month or two. I didn’t really want to do a post or obituary information, because I know I’ll miss someone important, and my feeling is that everyone and everything people do is important. Music or no it’s important. Each of these people had a long life and long career.

This brings me to the conversation my sister in law and I were having on the phone the other day. In my parents day 35 was middle age. Then slowly it crept up to 40 and now we both agreed it’s 50. People are taking care of themselves much better and there are leaps and bounds in the medical field. My dad is in his 70’s and my mom in her 60’s and both are NOT what I would consider old. They both get around well, and even stack and haul their own wood.

With the economy in the dumps and the thought that Social Security won’t be in our future what are we going to do? The population will have increased and less people working mean less people paying into the system. How many people are investing in their future? We have a 401K we started 20 some years ago and thinking about what we’ll be doing for a secure future.

We have recently started thinking about what we want to do when our children are gone and it’s just the two of us. We have come to the realization that the possibilities are endless. We just need to be creative, but what ever we decide will have to provide for us, with out Social Security or Medicare. The only other spin on this that I want to add is that when I was graduating in 1988, one of the older teachers told us there would be no Social Security in their future or ours. So far he’s been proven wrong, and I hope I will be too, and we leave a legacy our kids and grandkids will be proud of.


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