Good Morning! Just a bit of different info and coffee

I miss coffee with Rose.  She’s been super busy with family lately.  Generally we slurp coffee and share emails and other information.  We get snarky with one another and laugh.  We also talk about our sponsors and I want to tell you 99.9% of our sponsors are fab and deserve a big Thank YOU!  I’ll share a secret with you too.  Those that are commenting on the reviews many times the sponsor will change it to a giveaway.  It just has to be worth their while.


Coupons!  We’ve been getting a nice assortment of coupons, and I’m loving it and taking advantage of many myself.  With Summer here (this week is all 1/2 days of school) they boys eat non stop.  Quinn my youngest has gone through a growth spurt and if you have your hands near food you have to watch them carefully or they’ll be put on his sandwich too.


Winner Forms – I’m having a daily problem with the form and hope you can help me out.  I need it to be filled out with your Name, Address, CITY, State and Zip.  I also need to know what you’ve won and which you pick if there is that option.  Lately I’ve been emailing many users for more information and it takes me long to send the information into the sponsors.


Late Giveaways – Ok here is the rule of thumb 4 to 6 weeks but there is a big BUT here.  If you see that a company is doing more than one giveaway with us with multiple winners I have to have all their winners and winners information ready to go in one email.  If someone doesn’t answer I have to pick a new winner and wait for them to answer.


Another reason some giveaway prizes are received late is:  A PR Company or Company will do a large blogger giveaway program and they wait to receive ALL of the bloggers information before mailing prizes so my giveaway can be over and done, and sent into them but they could be waiting on a blogger who still has a giveaway going and need their winner.


Ozeri is just one of these companies and here is how this  company works with us.  They are super generous with prizes and great products.  They gave us a pedometer and pepper grinder for review and giveaway.  They wanted them spread out just a bit.  I needed to wait for all 10 winners to reply so I could send the information in.  It took me at least a week for everyone to get their information to me.  This is why you are slow getting some of the prizes.  Ozeri also asks that the winners try their product and leave a small review on Amazon.  IF the winners do this they’ll have more giveaways and they have many NICE products.


I’m having coffee on my own so I’m trying to think of these things.  OH!  I know.  It does NO good to get pissy with me in your first email with something like.  “WHEN are you going to send my prize”  “Did you keep my prize for yourself” etc.  You get the picture 90% of the time we DO NOT mail packages.



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