Wonderful Weekend

Anyone else have a long long weekend?   There wasn’t one minute for me to spare as Rose and her “Hmph” will tell you.

A week or so ago I dropped a huge Fiesta coffee much full of coffee with cream and sugar (yeah I know about the sugar but I only use a tad) on my end table here where I blog. I cleaned it up and thought nothing more of it. (It’s a bit cluttered)  Friday was shopping day for the hubby and I and I grabbed my phone (that is abused & never charged) and got a sickening pit. The phone wouldn’t flip open. First let me say, I’m electronic challenged. It was bad SO being as my contract with Verizon had expired and all, I got a handy dandy new Droid Razor. Oh man this baby flies!

On the way home my brand new freaking brakes got stuck and the van started smoking (remember the story of it catching fire?). Now I don’t have a new van, but here’s the thing it’s paid for. 100% paid for and we carry no debt but the mortgage and some medical. These were just fixed last month, and I’m hoping they don’t find a way for us to pay for this.

It was hot like 90 and we had to get the pick up to drop it off. The pick up has no a/c but at least the windows go down. It didn’t take long for hubby and I to start picking at one another and so much for a night out with the kids.

We had a graduation party to attend in the afternoon and my daughters Birthday to celebrate that evening. Need I say more?

Went to go clean an office I clean weekly. Damnit the keys were in the van. Back tracked and the van was no longer outside it was in the shop but they were closed.

Went home to do a Father’s Day dinner. We cooked out and had hubbys father over. Daughter got off work just as I put away all the food and it needed to be taken out all over again.

Neal decided he wanted to see Prometheus and it’s not my kind of movie. He begged I said flat out no. So he took our son. 5 minutes later I’m looking for my daughter and can’t find her. Our youngest says she went to the movie too. *Rolling Eyes* Someone could have told me.

Even with all the snafus we had a great weekend.  It was so nice to see everyone at the graduation party and Sarena’s Birthday Party, and I enjoyed watching Nascar with my father in law.

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