07/07/12 Chicken Soup For The Soul “Say Goodbye To Stress” by Dr. Jeff Brown *3* Winners #Rafflecopter

I’m stressed right now. Between Networking Witches daily needs, BlogHer, and working to feel better from last months fiasco I’m ruinning in circles. It was super nice to slow down a few nights this week and read, Chicken Soup for the Soul’s “Say Goodbye to Stress” by Dr. Jeff Brown of the Harvard Medical School.

Nothing feels as good for you as chicken soup and Chicken Soup for the Soul is no different. Chicken Soup for the Soul was first released in June of 1993. Now it isn’t just a book but a series of books for your soul.

The very first chapter hit me. I am always over tasked and put too much on my shoulders. I have to have everything perfect and those that don’t conform get snapped at. I know this sounds familiar to many women. This week alone I’m going to have company of 10 and I’ve been in a panic and in anticipation all that has to be done.  Take a little time for yourself to “Say Goodbye to Stress”.

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