Fun Weekend with My Brother


Super fantastic weekend! This weekend my brother came to visit. He really should be a gourmet cook. He made an avacodo salsa that was simply to die for and made steaks for us on the grill. It was a huge treat and an amazing meal that we enjoyed with him, our family and my parents.

My brother is 18 months younger than me and growing up we fought non-stop. I feel bad now at times because girls fight much harder than boys and with 5 sisters he was doomed. My mother used to yell at us to stop fighting because one day we’d all be seperated and would miss one another, and she was right.

I am the only child living close to my parents. My youngest sister and brother live in Grand Rapids, 4 hours south of us. A sister in the next town and 2 older sisters in seperate states. Looking back I think I miss the fighting. It was our way of bonding.

I do remember my brother and I fighting at school and someone dared interrupt us. Then they had 2 angry kids to fight with. We defended each other til the bitter end. Now we are lucky to see each other on a monthly basis. Holidays are a bonus and talking on the phone will have to do. Now-a-days, I teach my children to “fight nice” they too, will one day miss each other.


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