Networking Witches Changes & 3 Year Anniversary Upcoming

Have you noticed the change in our site? I like it, it suits Rose and I best. Did you know we write for others besides Networking Witches? We do. We also help those that write get over their stumbling blocks. Writing isn’t an easy job which is why I do it to loud music. It helps me keep my train of thought.

Rose and I work super hard at Networking Witches and try to please everyone. First and foremost we please our famiies. This is no easy task I assure you. We each had different lives before and outside of Networking Witches. We were world managers for the now defunct Xivio, but even before that.

Rose knows more about taking care of people and medicine then anyone I know. She reads medical articles almost non stop, it wouldn’t take much for her to become a nurse or doctor. Sadly, those articles bore me to tears. I prefer the business setting, and the thrill of the sale. I grew up in the Burglar Alarm, Fire Alarm and Security industry. It is fast paced and the rules must be followed to a T. I had another job too but I’m not interested in it at the moment ūüėČ

Then we became MOMS! Holy Moly! What a wake up call. My 65 hours a week were nothing compared to a screaming baby. My daughter at 2 weeks was so unreasonable. She hated the heat, didn’t like to sleep, didn’t like to nurse and I’m pretty sure didn’t like me. Then when my 6 weeks were up for Maternity Leave I couldn’t let this unreasonable little person go. From that time on I was a mom. The most fulfilling and thankless job in the world.

Rose started her family early but at the same time took care of her mother and her mother took care of her. Rose has put so much love in her family with her caring touch, research, and motherly ways. ¬†Her family began much differently than it is today, you see, she’s remarried. She at one point was at her lowest and allowed herself to become a victim of abuse, then the fighter in her resurfaced and she got back on track. She moved herself and children hundreds of miles away from where she knew “home” to be.
As soon as she was diagnosed with Lymie, we were both online and searching it out. She knew everything about it with in 24 hours and I was still on the first page I brought up.

Rose and I have been best friends for 10 years now. We started Networking Witches together. It started in a different direction than it is now but I wouldn’t change a thing. We have met so many wonderful readers and sponsors in the last 3 years. Networking Witches will turn 3 in September and we’re thinking of a party!

Watch for information and other changes for the better coming. ¬†We are making sure our site is up to date and workable for both our sponsors and our readers. ¬†We want to make decisions for our families that are the best and most efficient. ¬†We have more coming from Tami the Brewing Witch. ¬†Her cooking knowledge is simply 2nd to none. ¬†I have known Tami longer than Rose. ¬†She’s a super sweet gal and I know you’re all going to love getting to know her. ¬†She’s been a little scarce and playing ¬†nurse to her daughter who had a bike accident and had to have her arm put back together and her husband who just had back surgery.


Thank you to all our wonderful readers!

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