FURBY is back and Walmart.com has the first look at the new FURBY #FurbysBack

10 Days of Furby Banner


15 years ago, FURBY took the nation by storm. This season, FURBY has come back to entertain kids and adults alike! Check out FURBY athttp://bit.ly/wmFurby

Come back every day for the next 10 days for 10 days of FURBY! See the newest FURBY revealed only at http://bit.ly/wmFurby. Download a new activity daily and share with your friends for tons of Furby fun!

What’s so different, you say? Here are a few of the many high-tech changes:

  • FURBY can move its eyes to show you a variety of feelings through digital LED eyes.
  • Watch as FURBY begins to learn English (with your help of course).
  • FURBY has a real personality! The more you interact with FURBY, the more its personality changes.
  • Sit FURBY down with another FURBY friend to watch them speak to each other.

Looking for FURBY? Look no further! Visit http://bit.ly/wmFurby to pre-order your FURBY on August 3 at Walmart.com. Or come back on September 16 to purchase your FURBY on Walmart.com.

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