Once Upon A Time … #WindowsStyle Why Winter Deserves A Makeover

Once upon a time there were two people in a far away land, sort of. It was different states. Both of these people didn’t know one another, let alone know that the other actually existed on the same planet.

Each of one of them said a prayer. “Dear God, please let me find a friend that will accept me for me, for who I am and how I am, a friend that will love me unconditionally.”

Almost as if the skies parted and God waved his almighty hands, a friendship was born between two people.
The friendship began, yet one of those friends had a fear of speaking to the other (or anyone online) on the phone. Then one day she had pain and a lot of it. She ended up in the emergency room in massive pain and her husband answers the cell phone. It was her friend. My sister had given Joie my cell phone number to call and check on me. I was in no condition to care about online safety. She had one up on me. A true slickster.

True story.
This is how our friendship began. I only vaguely remember that first phone conversation as I really was in a lot of pain and had emergency surgery the next morning. In a drug induced stupor given before surgery I actually returned Joie’s phone call … at the wee hours of the morning. I think it was around 4AM. I really was very drugged.

From then on we have spoke multiple times a day at the very least daily. A true friendship had been born.

Joie (aka Winter Witch) is a very giving person. You see what some people don’t understand is that it doesn’t take money or extravagant gifts to be a giving person.
She’s probably going to give me and some others a lil’ sumthin’, sumthin’ when she finds out who helped me with this post. 🙂 Like me she doesn’t really like being the center of attention or having all of the focus on her. I completely understand that. But there just comes a time when it’s deserved, earned even if you will.

Joie has been one of my rocks since I found out I have lyme disease, fibromyalgia and two kinds of arthritis. She has pushed me to keep on keepin’ on even when I didn’t think I could raise my head or get out of bed when I lost my Mom. She has been a light for me to look towards when I felt as though the entire world, my world had been blackened out.

Relentlessly she called me, sent me beautiful cards in the mail reminding me how much I mean to her, she emailed me with good thoughts telling me how much I was loved. She has really had held my hand through the roughest of times. When I called her at midnight after my husband accidentally shot himself, she was there. Many times she has said “Rose, buck up or I”m going to have to hop a train to straighten you out”, I knew she’d do it so I did my best to buck up.

You see, I’m not the only one that she sends cards to and I’m not talking about e-cards. I’m talking real cards mailed with a stamp from that long forgotten place called a mail box.

Joie has got to be the queen of accessories, but you see she lacks a few things in her closet. A lot of things actually. Which is why she’s so great with accessories. Winter is resourceful. She’s such a loyal and giving person, she simply deserves the best of the best. I can’t possibly list the wonderful and kind things that she’s done for me over the years.

I might add that she’s going to turn her computer on in the morning to find this nomination for her in her inbox and on our site. She’ll call, but it’ll do no good. She’ll send the tweet and complete the entry. She is very deserving, in so many ways.

What style would I put on her? Ohhhh, let me show you a few things that I think she deserves.

The corset top, I think it shows her creativity but her frilly side too.


Her style is dressier than mine, I tend to dress myself down, whereas she enjoys dressing herself up. We are so opposite in some ways. Her favorite things … flower power! Tie dye! I think she could pull it off.


Nomination for Joie (Winter Witch) In writing this post, I’m entering her in the Microsoft Windows Style Makeover Sweepstakes for a chance to win a head to toe makeover! Official rules can be read here.

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