Locked Twitter Accounts Are Disqualified

That isn’t just on our site – but on MANY if not all giveaways that you’ll find on twitter. We encourage our readers to tweet our posts, all of them, not just our giveaways. It has come to our attention (again) that several of our readers may unknowingly be disqualifying themselves in our giveaways, other blog giveaways and the many other giveaways that you may find on twitter.

Your account may NOT be locked for your tweet entries to allow you to win.

If you aren’t sure if your tweets are locked, then below take a look at the images and I’ll attempt to walk you through this. Let’s call it a tutorial so I’ll feel special and stuff. 😉

Click Picture For Full Sized Image


  • Go to Twitter, make sure you’re logged in.

Click This Little Twitter Dude At The Top Of Your Page

Look to the top for the little “twitter dude icon”. Give it a click so that the drop down menu shows for you. Highlight then click on settings.

After you have clicked on settings, you’ll then be taken to a page with several options. You might want to check or un-check the boxes such as adding a location to your tweets. If you’re really concerned about your tweets becoming a target for some sort of twitter crime, then I do suggest that you do NOT show location. Many people use that option.

If you aren’t tweeting ultimately personal information, then you really don’t have much to worry about. With that said, I do understand your right to privacy and that it’s a very valid concern. If it’s personal, don’t put it online. Once it’s out there, it’s out there.

Again,take a  look at yours to make sure it’s set the way you want it to be. Also, keep in mind that not only are we disqualifying those locked tweets, but many other sites, large and small have that disclosure either on their sites or in the official rules for each promotion.You could be unknowingly disqualifying yourself and won’t be notified of a win! I enter giveaways also, someone had to point out to me that my tweets were locked and I would be disqualified. With that persons help, I hit those settings and updated myself – I like to win too ya’ know.

  • Once the page with settings has loaded, you’ll see several options.

You should see a little something similar to this:

Twitter Settings – Scroll Down A Little Bit – Double Check All Of Your Own Settings


  • Now this is where you either lock or unlock your tweets.

As This Image Shows My Tweets Are NOT Protected Or Locked. Locked/Protected Tweets Will Disqualify You More Than You May Think!

  • Last but not least, SAVE YOUR CHANGES.

Please, take a minute to tweet this post. I know many of our readers enter giveaways in more than one location. Let your fellow giveaway-lovers know.

I have not been compensated for this post. Just thought I’d put a little something together to help others that may not know they are being disqualified here and there.

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