Soothing Music

I have to breathe and take a breath. Keeping up with all things Networking Witches and BlogHer12 is going to kill me soon. SO I’m reverting back to my 2nd true love (my first is my hubby) MUSIC!

I am gadget challenged. After 2 months I have just learned to answer my Droid Razr (had to get a new phone the old one had a fight with coffee and lost) and after about 4 months my iPad. I have come to learn they are essential in todays business and I need to focus. BUT, I have neglected my poor Zune. Nope I can’t program it so I must rely on my children. I bought a couple of new CD’s to be added for my trip.

First Florence and The Machine, it’s been awhile since I had a “every one stop talking” moment to listen to a new song. They are an English band and fairly new. I am a “Music Choice” addict and first heard them there while scanning. Some people scan shows I scan music. In her Florence’s About page she says music is “magic”. That’s what it is to me. It has always helped heal my broken heart, absorb my anger or make me smile.

A less known band that I like is the Corrs. They are an Irish quartet made up of three sisters and a brother. They aren’t a new band but they are fairly new in the USA. Not an every day name. They have been featured on the Today Show. (When the Today Show was still being watched.) *Sigh* Now I’m getting snarky and Rose will have my BROOM!



I have hours and hours of music on my Zune and will be deleting some that I’ve tired of and adding some new so that I can try not to have a panic attack on the plane. I would rather fly by broomstick, so being as that is a hoax, I’m taking the plane. I said I would never fly again but some how Rose made me do something even my hubby couldn’t!


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