Day Of Little Accomplishment

Today hasn’t gone exactly as planned. If it had I wouldn’t still be typing here in my pjs and running from the door when my daughters boyfriend came to pick her up. This is what MEN must learn to understand.

I woke up early, wanted to get a bit of computer time in, grab a shower and start dinner. All of that, although shortly written is long in time. Instead here is what happened.

I woke up and got to the computer. Boys started fighting and I ran interference. Then my mother in law came and stayed a good 3 hours. After she left Ian and I raided the frige to see what we could throw together for dinner.

Hubby and daughter get home at the same time. I work instead of having dinner. Listened to Quinn whine because all of his friends are at their dad’s houses this weekend. Sat down and explained how important that time is.

And *huff* here I am trying to catch up to the morning.

Written out none of this looks time consuming but I have been up over 12 hours and have accomplished very little.

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