Ninja Turtles The Next Mutation Volume One


Cowabunga Dude!  The Ninja Turtles Volume One, The Next Mutation is coming to a store near you on 09/04/12.  This 2 DVD set is sure to bring back good memories of youth and fun sharing with your family.  Get ready for family movie night  and unleash this fun movie.  This highly anticipated 2-DVD set features the first 13 action packed episodes of memorable 90s pop culture series.  This must have for Turtles fans is priced at $19.93.


The memorable live-action adventures series Ninja Turtles”  The Next Mutation debuted in 1997.  The series continued and fun filled saga of Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo, four genetically mutated turtles who have transformed into human sized, ninja crime fighters.


My greatest memory of Ninja Turtles?  When hubby and I were dating it was one of the first movies we say together!

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