Body Broken: Can Republicans and Democrats Sit In The Same Pew? By Charles D. Drew


Body Broken

By Charles D. Drew

The presidential election is drawing near and American voters and pundits alike are wondering just how big an impact religious and values voters will play in 2012. Christian Americans are deciding where, and with who, they will stand on key issues. The churches have often been as politically divided as the culture, leading many Christians to withdraw from politics altogether and even distance themselves from believers of a different political persuasion.

In “Body Broken: Can Republicans and Democrats sit in the same pew?” Charles D. Drew addresses this enmity among Christian political activists and supplies workable solutions to finding common ground without abandoning personal convictions.

Our family is neither Republican or Democrat. We vote for the person we feel will guide our country or state. Accepting different views will help you get a more accurate view to help make your decision. I will admit that being a Christian and my values DO make a difference for who I vote for.

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