Tip Of The Mitt Michigan Fun


Northern Michigan is a huge toursit destination. The people who visit and who live here in the Summer and Winter aren’t Joe The Plumber. They are CEOs, Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey and other sports owners and players.  They are people who have never had to work a day in their life.  The water and the great Michigan weather call to them.  So our job as residences is to entertain them for every cent we can so we can manage our homes and familys during the off season. The Tip of the Mitt comes together in Mackinaw City.   The Mackinaw Bridge connects the Northern Penninsula and the Lower Penninsula. The Upers in the north call us below the Trolls. Under the Mackinaw Bridge, Lake Michigan meets Lake Huron. You see no land mass or locks seperating the two, just the bridge.

So last night we fed the kids. We are finding a major leak in our budget is eating out. Even McDonalds is ruled out. Unless we have free coupons we’re eating in. This is a major pain sometimes like on days we’re in a rush. I’ve been stocking up on things like Pizza Pockets, or the new Pizza Bites. Those are quick and the boys can throw them in the microwave or Ian can cook them on the George.

Anyway, back to Mackinaw. Neal and I decided to take the family to Mackinaw Crossings. It is a court yard of shops, restaurants and entertainment. We browsed a few stores and took some pictures. We watched a guy on stilts make balloon animals, there was a man with an antiqued look for photos, a juggler, and some boys dressed with polyester smocks matching their running suits. Sarena to told me that she didn’t think they worked there, and to her credit they weren’t accept tips. Apparently the three boys had shown up to one of her high school homecoming dances like that and to a prom. Though, I found it funny she had no clue who they were.

There is a lot of seating in the area so it’s easy to find a seat either in the courtyard itself or at some of the restaurants. People watching is fun. There was the baby that ran from its parents and they couldn’t catch her because she was moving through crowds of people, a conga line started by the mentioned above mystery boys, and many other hilarious things.

Cheboygan Brewhouse Band Photo Taken From Their Facebook Page

There was a band, The Cheboygan Brewhouse Band, playing oldies. Not too old but I’d say 70s, 80s, and 90s classics and they were good. They sang songs that are fun and interactive. It gives people the need to stop on the sidewalks and start dancing. And omgosh! They were in tune and that made me happy.

The finale of the night was the laser light show. It’s neat and cool and we waited until 10:30 for it to start. I’m glad we saw it but I don’t think we would do it again. I think it would be neater to show family movies.

Tomorrow is the annual Bridge Walk. People from all over come to walk the Mackinaw Bridge. 5 miles usually lead buy the governor of our state (Rick Snyder). 50 to 60 Thousand people participate and crowd into two small towns. Mackinaw City and St. Ignace (The northern side).


Labor Day Mackinaw Bridge Walk, Photo from MackinawCity.Com


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