NEW! Arbor Mist Frozen Wine Cocktails – Freeze Squeeze Enjoy

It has been a long hot Summer and sometimes in my haste to get out of the heat I forget to sit and enjoy it with a spirit. The New Frozen Wine Cocktails from Arbor Mist are just the thing to refresh you. Arbor Mist has done the work for you. Simply bring them home in your favorite flavor (Blackberry Merlot, Strawberry White Zinfandel, and White Pear Pinot Grigio), freeze, pour into a pretty glass and relax.

My husband and I enjoyed these frozen cocktails from Arbor Mist & She Speaks with company we were entertaining. It is like an adult sno cone. These contain 6% alcohol and work great with dinner or to just kick back and relax.


  • The Blackberry Merlot, is made with ripe blackberries and fresh guava, and is naturally flavored frozen Merlot, giving it a twist to the classic Arbor Mist wine.
  • The Strawberry White Zinfandel is redefined in this Arbor Mist Classic. The aromas of fresh-picked strawberries create an enticing bouquet that integrate with this well-balanced and smooth, naturally flavored wine.
  • The White Pear Pinot Grigio was my favorite. This refreshing, smooth, and frozen wine has a taste that is rich with a taste that is rich with natural flavors of ripe pear and hints of apple citrus.

Something fun suggest for an adult party night.

  • 1. Purchase a variety of frozen Arbor Mist Cocktails.
  • 2. Bring them home and freeze
  • 3. Get 4 plates and put 3 cups on each
  • 4. Scoop one of each flavor and add to the plate.

Let each person try one of each flavor and enjoy. Be sure to have enough on hand for more tasting!


Enjoy NEW Arbor Mist Frozen Wine Cocktails w/ family & friends a refreshing unique taste @shespeaksup & @enjoyarbormist

I received product for this review post. It did on effect my opinion. All opinions are my own. Networking Witches encourages you to drink responsibly and only after you have reached 21.

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