No Boundaries?


Are you missing a golden opportunity? An opportunity to not only gain a friend but to work together?

Talking with other bloggers, whether they are in your “blog niche” can help both of you. Don’t limit yourself with the way of thinking that if you help someone else that you lose an opportunity. That isn’t necessarily true. If you’re good at what you do then you have no worries. Listen to other bloggers. You can each learn something from each other. Even if your “blog niche” is completely different.

In regards to a niche, I don’t want boundaries. I have actually thought about slapping “no boundaries” on the top of our site. When I write, I too often write from my heart – but that’s where it comes from for me. I’m inspired by other people, blogs and experiences – that includes my own life experiences. You see, no boundaries.

From the day we launched NetWorking Witches one thing I have noticed is that other bloggers tend to hide their relationships with PR reps, companies, brands, whatever you/they choose to call them.
Really, there is no reason to hide that. I think it should be embraced and shared on your site. Not bragged about but shared with others. Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean that every blogger should hand out contact information to anyone that asks. This is not what I mean nor is it my point.
What I mean is that if another blogger is interested and reaches out to you, I do feel that you should welcome this, perhaps even encourage it. We blog, this also means we tend to do our homework about other bloggers and companies. We research this, that and the other (no boundaries).
If another blogger reaches out to you, why don’t you give that blogger a chance as well as your brand contact by contacting the brand rep and asking him/her if they would be interested in working with XYZ blogger?

Every single one of us began somewhere and somehow. We all know that there are hundreds or more new blogs that pop up every day, only a handful of those blogs will remain standing. It takes a special kind of person to blog and do what we do.

Do you feel like you could help another (established) blogger with a new connection or guide a new blogger to build their blog?

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