09/20/12 KidsLac Probiotics For Kids – Giveaway

My son Quinn 10, has a few health issues. One of them is his tummy. It hurts quite often and I just had a conversation with his doctor about good bacteria and bad bacteria and the benefits of probiotics. Days after we were given the probiotic KidsLac to try.

KidsLac helps to support your chid’s natural defense system, and reduce occasional digestive upset. Frequent antibiotic treatments and lack of healthy nutrients such as fruits and vegetables in a child’s diet can cause stomach upset and digestive difficulty. While none of these are the problem my son has, he’s still able to receive the benefits of probiotics.

Probiotics help maintain a healthy digestive tract and maximize the body’s ability to absorb nutrition from the healthy things kids eat. The probiotics in KidsLacs can help get their tummies back on track.

We received sour apple flavored sour apple flavored packets for review. Quinn definitely took it better than he does many medications or suppliments. You can stir these packets in to cool food like cereal or in juices or other beverage.

Networking Witches is not making any medical claims. As always check with your doctor before taking supplements. This is my opinion only and I was provided product for review.

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