The Responsibility Of Taking Care Of Your Pets

I have wanted to write this for awhile. There are so many causes out there and I have to say I agree with almost all of them. I’m not overly fond of PETA but I am fond of the Humane Societies. Especially the no kill shelters. We are lucky to have a beautiful one here that helps those having financial troubles taking care of their animal.

Lately though I’ve seen horiffic stories on the news of horses, goats, and donkeys, being starved and left for dead. I don’t know how people can do this. Animals that have relied on their humans all of their life trust us to feed and take care of them.

This brings me to a few heartbreaking stories I have that have lately been reinforced and I don’t know what to do about them. The first is a woman whose husband left her and she got her daughter a dog and kitten from the Humane Society. With in a few months the dog was hit by a car (sometimes this happens with even the best humans) and the cat died from not receiving the rest of her immunizations. Mind you they are FREE when you get your pets from our Humane Society like she did.

The next one is a woman down the road, also going through a divorce got a dog and a cat. Neither of which were allowed in the home. This is Michigan people. It snows hard and gets super cold. Neither of these pets had shelter and were eventually put to sleep because of “injuries”. I never saw these injuries and I would have taken them both. It would have been a tight squeeze but I would have taken them. Yesterday I found they have 2 new kittens and an older puppy (6 mo.). Again these pets are not allowed in the house and winter is coming.

I know what I have to do and I don’t want to do it. I’m going to report it, but I don’t want to make enemies of my neighbors. I also don’t think it is humane what is going on and can’t bare to watch this happen again.

Animals are NOT disposable. They feel and give love. If you can’t offer a home to a pet you need to pass. That is the most loving and caring thing you can do. Pets are not toys for your children. This is the time you teach your children care of their pets and to take on responsibility. Unfortunately it’s not anonymous to report animal neglect here, and this is going to be hard to do.

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