Journey Without Steve Perry On The Today Show – Whining – Repost

This is a repost from 7/29/11.  It’s still getting comments and I want to throw it out there and give everyone the chance swirl the pool like sharks.



Okay, I’m getting out my whiney-iest DUDDDDDE!  Journey is not Journey without Steve Perry.  Journey was on the Today Show, this morning.  While their Arnold Pineda, sounds similar to the high tenor of Steve Perry, Arnold sadly isn’t the person who they wrote the songs with, and he is not Steve Perry.  You can also hear Pineda’s accent while he sings.  Only 3 of the original band members are in the group and it isn’t the same.

What is the same is Neal Schon, had to be the front runner with his high pitched solo.  Speaking from some experience a band isn’t a band if everyone isn’t playing and his solos are almost always the same.  Any music teacher will tell you this.  It’s like he only knows one sound and pattern.   It also sounds as though Neal Schon, owns/owned the group.  It would have been no problem, and less grief to everyone had he choosen another name from the band and  tagged it with the sounds and songs of Journey.
What I find absolutely hilarious is that on the lead ins they the are using Perry’s voice.   On cables Music Choice channel they use Steve Perry’s picture, even on their new material.

I almost fell over laughing when Matt Lauer, accidently called Neal Schon, Johnathan.  Funnier yet was Neal’s, “I’m Neal Schon by the way”.  Bahah, I must laugh at his expense.  The 2 most well know members of Journey is Steve Perry and Neal Schon.  Their bickering back and forth and Neal, always taking the low road.

Okay, this whole Journey craze is my son Ian’s fault.  Before they even started touring with Pineda he at 14 loved them.  He has all albums/CDs including one only released in Japan.   His comment this morning is a laughing, “60 year old men touring with a 25 year old fake”.  While many are at this concert, and probably all of the concerts are sold out, it isn’t the real Journey.  It can be placed in the new “fake” bands that imitate sounds of the 80s.  This would include “Rock of Ages“.
While I would post some pictures, Journey is very serious when patroling the web with their images and song material.  I must add, I think this is a good thing but Psssst…. gets rid of free publicity.  Good or bad publicity is publicity eh?  Lastly, as a child of the 70s & 80s I now officially feel old!


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