Aren’t Kids Supposed To Do School Work In School?

Thursday, my 15 year old son was in a tizzy. He not only had homework but had to stay after school to take a test on Friday.
“Ian, do you have to retake a test?”
“No, mom we have to take our test after school or at lunch.”
“Because, everything we did had to be done in order and we can’t take the test until we’re done with the other homework.”
“I’m not getting this. Did you not turn in your homework?”
“MOM!” He says irritated, “She said we have to take the test at lunch or after school”. He was also having trouble with his homework about salamanders. The questions referred to colors too and they were provided a black and white copy.

I’m ashamed to say I did not believe him. This all sounds absurd. So I send off an email Thursday evening and receive a prompt replay Friday afternoon. Here is the answer and let me know what you think.

In response to you concerns:
1) Ian can also take his vocabulary quiz at lunch today or in the after school slot today at 3:00-3:30. The quiz is matching vocabulary with the correct definition. Both are given. It takes students an average of 10 mins to take. Two assignments (that we have been working on all week) are due by 3:30 Friday for full credit. One portion of the lab I am letting them take over the weekend and complete. I have explained the portion of the lab that is due today and what they can turn in on Monday every day this week.
2) It is too costly to run over 80 copies of this lab in color. To compensate for this I have had colored posters hanging in the room since Tuesday to assist the kids. The kids have had ample time to look at these posters this week.
3) As our students progress closer to their graduation, classes and expectations do ‘beef up’. Ian is a hard worker and a very nice respectful young man. Encourage him to come and talk to me. If he is really stressed I am happy to meet with him and assist him in being successful.


So why do kids go to school? Isn’t it to learn IN the class room? What about lunch hour (that really isn’t an hour), isn’t that to eat? Hasn’t it been proven that hungry kids don’t learn as well? Since when did a quiz that should take “10 minutes”, her words not mine have to be taken on lunch hour or in her 3 to 3:30 pm slot? School gets out at 3 pm and my kids ride the bus.
Furthermore, aren’t we all helping our kids to grow up, get them ready for the BIG world? Her #3 really pisses me off with the “BEEF UP” comment. My kid does his homework, and believe me he works hard. He has goals when he leaves her puny little class behind, she is not helping him to be successful, this is purposely setting them up for failure. That was just plain bitchy!


If my kid fails a test, or needs help, whatever, I’m happy for him to stay after school but to decide your class is going to take the test “not on her time” is absurd. I do NOT appreciate being talked down to, either. Because you know Biology doesn’t mean you’re smart babe. It means you can stick your nose in a book and understand the class. It certainly hasn’t made you personable “KID”.

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