HEXBUG Warriors Perfect For Under The Tree!

Since the day HEXBUG Micro Robotic Creatures have come out my sons have been in love. They have found ways to play with them that floors me. They’ve even been known to battle one another with the remote control Spiders.

The little Nanos have learned to play not just on their own tracks but on homemade tracks the boys have made for them. Each son knows exactly which HEXBUG is theirs and the other’s.

Now I’m excited to introduce you to HEXBUG Warriors! These fun little guys have a Battle Arena and it’s the perfect stage for HEXBUG Warriors students to hone their skills. Outfit the Warriors with strategic combinations of mechanical weapons and armor to outmaneuver rivals, and battle to control the fate of each academy’s Warrior Fleet.

Work in different modes to test your HEXBUG Warrior. Power Warriors into Match Mode for competition. Once in Match Mode, each robot’s Shock Sensor activates its Damage indicator Light which changes colors from green to yellow to red and blinks more rapidly as it’s health decreases.

HEXBUG Warriors are a sure hit on your gift list and create fun whether there is one child or 10.


I received product for the purpose of this review. This opinion is my own.

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