10/18/12 Chicken Soup For The Soul Hope & Healing For Your Breast Cancer Journey #Rafflecopter *3* Winners

Chicken Soup For The Soul, Hope & Healing For Your Breast Cancer Journey, Surviving and thriving during and after your diagnosis and treatment. Written by Dr. Julie Silver of Harvard Medical School. Inspirational stories and medical advice for a healthy you.

First you cry. And then you get busy, assembling your team for exploring your options, doing your research, and getting your family, home, and work ready for your new reality. These stories are from women just like us, who tell you how they did it. Survive and thrive with tips and emotional support about:

  • Navigating through the diagnosis
  • Building your healthcare team
  • Assembling your emotional support team, family, friends, support groups, and more
  • Practical tips and ways to stay positive during and after treatment
  • Living in the cancer world and the real world at the same time
  • Healing yourself, physically and emotionally
  • Feeling beautiful and enjoying life after a cancer diagnosis

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the perfect time to read the heartwarming & heart wrenching stories from Hope & Healing For Your Breast Cancer Journey. If you have breast cancer or are a survivor these stories will help you know you’re not alone. If you haven’t experienced the scary “C” word these stories will help tell you what other women have been through and are going through. This is a must read for all women.

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I received a copy of this book for review. It did not affect my opinion.

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