Hasbro’s New zAPPed Games Battleship & Spellshot – Perfect for Gift Giving

Our family is huge on games. There is nothing like a bit of family competition. We recently were given the opportunity to play Hasbro‘s Battleship zAPPed addition & Spellshot zAPPed Edition. Hasbro zAPPed Edition games work with your iPad or iPhone and gives the game humor and fun with old and new favorites.

Battleship zAPPed Edition with your iPad helps you maintain your battle station. The iPad screen is the playing surface when waging epic battles by executing strategic maneuvers, launching missal attacks and initiating airstrikes. Download the FREE Battleship zAPPed Edition app from the App Store and place your ship pawns on the iPad screen play. The game features ships inspired by the Battleship feature film from Universal Pictures.

Spellshot zAPPed Edition has all of the elements, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water – combined in this mesmerizing and magical new app-enhanced battle game that turns your iPad screen into an interactive dueling ground where wizards compete for treasure. Simply download the FREE Spellshot zAPPed Edition app from the App Store and place your wizard pawn figures on the iPad screen to play. The iPad will automatically recognize which of the four wizard pawn figures are placed on the screen as players use strategy and skill to “cast spells” with touch-screen gestures. The first to collect all of the treasure wins!

Both of these games are new and different and fun for the whole family. The only problem? We need more iPads. These games are excellent gifts and are newly on the market, they are sure to be a hit under the tree.  Don’t forget to check out Hasbro Facebook Family Game Night

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