Automatic Self Cleaning Litter-Robot – Say Good Bye To Your Old Litter Box

Our home is now a 4 cat home. We have two cats and now have 2 foundling kittens. Between the cats and the kittens they can become pretty smelly no matter how often the litter is changed. Just in time to relieve my pain I received the Litter-Robot for review.

This is seriously amazing, and I have never seen anything like it. This is designed to look like a robot and act like a robot. It filters out the waste and stores it in a little drawer where it can easily be emptied. Saving you money on litter, gives your cat a clean place to go, and rids you of smelly cat odors.

The Litter-Robot features:

  • Automatic litter box that frees you from the chore of litter box scooping
  • Patented sifting system provides clean, level litter and cleaner cat paws
  • Litter waste clumps drop into large bottom drawer for easy bagged disposal
  • Waste Drawer can retain several days worth of bagged waste
  • Cat-activated operation works to dramatically reduce litter box odor
  • Provides overall peace of mind for the well being of your pet
  • Increases personal freedom for short personal or business trips
  • Decreases cat box clean up time and increases fun time with your pet

The systems senses the cat using it and 7 minutes after the cat leaves it starts it cleaning cycle. Using clumping cat litter the system will slowly spin on the inside and filter out the waste leaving only the clean cat litter behind and depositing the waste into the cat drawer.

For the time being I have the kittens separated from our cats. I was a little unsure whether they would use it. They both investigated it and had a good look around it. One did and one didn’t so I followed the directions from Litter-Robot and put litter box beside the Litter-Robot and then after a couple of days I removed it. Thankfully they both started using it.

My thoughts. It’s big and takes up quite a bit more room than the litter box did, but that said I love the way it works. I love the fact that the house doesn’t have cat odor. This looks much better than an open litter box and a few friends have even asked what it is and how it works. This is much much cleaner than our old box and my kids don’t mind emptying the waste instead of changing the box.



I received product for the purposed of this review. It did on effect my opinion.


Please note that Litter-Robot units supplied at no-charge for the purposes of objective reviews or promotional give-away are non-returnable/non-refundable, however, Automated Pet Care Products, Inc. will honor the 18 month full warranty with proof of date of original receipt or serial number.

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