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Finding the perfect perfume scent for yourself is a little hard. The scent represents you and will hopefully draws that someone special for you. I wear perfume everyday and really enjoy perfume solids and perfume oils. Matching soaps is a bonus because you’re not mixing scents.

I shared Auric Blends Perfumes with you last year. This time I am able to scare the perfume oils and soap with you. The Egyptian Goddess Perfume Roll On smells intoxicating, matching it with the soap makes it perfect for a date night. I’m not talking a ho hum date night I mean dress up and look as nice as you smell date night.

Auric Blends have a huge selection of scents but feature their Egyptian Goddess scent. It’s a combination of soft florals, light powder and musk and creates a seductive and feminine scent. This perfume is meant to weave tales of passion and allure.

This is an excellent stocking stuffer and will have her stocking smelling passionate. Egyptian Goddess scent is available in Perfume Oil, Solid, roll-on, glycerin soap, lotion, and spray perfume.    I LOVE this scent and am thrilled that a local store carries it.

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