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I am active. I love the beach and I love the snow, or just being outside in general, but being active and outside is hard on my skin. It’s dry and even cracks at times. Adventuress Skin Care is a company that keeps the active woman in mind and makes products to help nourish, moisturize, protect from the sun and clean your skin.

Founder Michele Carter Says:

  • From the first time I rode a dirt bike at ten years old I was totally hooked. And while I revved up the power from a dirt bike to my Harley, I still get those same butterflies every time I ride.
  • But I don’t just reserve my passion for two wheels and an open road. My drive for being active and the search for something exciting calls me out to hiking trails, the ski slopes and just about everywhere else in between I can explore.
  • Bottom line… I don’t sit still. And to me, that passion for adventure and zest for life is what being an Adventuress is all about.

Adventuress Skin Care is made with the finest natural ingredients. It’s excellent for thrill-seekers with varying degrees of skin sensitivities and allergies. By combining some of the world’s most healing ingredients, Adventuress products are scientifically proven to protect, nourish, boost and restore your beautiful outer shield.

I love the fact that our skin is referred to as our “outer shield”, it helps you feel beautiful inside and out, (or that’s my opinion anyway). I was introduced to their Fearlessly Refreshing Facial Wipes and Sunscreen Swipes.

How many times have you been out and about and forgotten to think about sunscreen? These little swipes slip easily into your purse or back pocket and are individually wrapped. Making them not just handy but clean, no greasy hands, just the exact dosage of moisturizing sunscreen.

The Facial Wipes are cleansing, biodegradable wipes that act as an environmental shield to protect skin from irritation, rash and redness. These too will fit in the glove box of your car, purse or where ever you will need them.

These are already in my glove box for future use. My husband and I don’t always plan where we’re headed during the weekend and end up at the lake, hiking trails, or even just a walk in town. I like keeping my skin fresh, moisturized and protected.

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