October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Help A Friend In Need – Some Products Supporting BCA


October is Breast Cancer Awarenesss Month. It is so very important that people know the importance of breast exams and mamograms. Sitting here I counted 5 people I know with breast cancer and the sad part of this is, that it has hit each woman differently.

Only one of the women is now cancer free. It makes me so sad. These women are mothers, daughters, wives, and friends. It is essential that breast cancer be discovered early. The earlier it is caught the better your chance of surviving.


Cancer is a small word with a huge punch. It creates embarassment, anger, tears, but brings many women back together with their loved ones, and a whole new look at life. There is no cure but there is a lot of work going into finding the cure. With all the research going on a woman’s quality of life has been improved.

Women with breast cancer need love and thoughtfulness. A simple card saying “I’m Praying For You” can go a long way. A meal delivered to her home for the family when her stomaching is turning from treatments let her nap while her family eats. Sitting with a friend taking Chemo is brave and makes the process go that much faster.

There is so much all of us can do whether it is Susan G. Koman For a Cure or Relay For Life, helping a family with the small things or even making a donation. All of us women need to be vigiliant of our breasts and the rest of our body to be sure we know what is going on with our own health.

I do want to mention that men too can develop breast cancer and should have any lumps or changes checked out by the doctor.

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