11/09/12 Your Santa Story – Personalized For Your Family Giveaway

I have received the most AMAZING idea and dvd ever. Last year I had a little issue with my youngest son telling everyone he didn’t believe in Santa. His brother and sister told him you have to believe or you won’t receive a gift. He continued to be snarky about the matter and on Christmas morning Santa hadn’t visited. He was in a state of shock. Now all three at 19, 15, and 10 believe.

This year at BlogHer, the moms were treated to a “Your Santa Story“, a customized, family specific DVD that features an authentic Santa Claus with a message for your family. It is unique and personalized in special ways.

I created our story and forgot about it UNTIL this weekend when it came in the mail. So this morning while everyone was asleep I slipped the dvd into my computer to watch it with anticipation. I was not disappointed. Santa, without skipping a beat addressed each person in our family and even mentioned our pets and how he came into the house with out waking them.

This is an amazing and unique experience that will give your family a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Put your order in early to guarantee this wonderful personalized dvd for your family.
12 Things Your Santa Story Believes:

  • 1. We believe Santa Claus is REAL!
  • 2. We belive the REAL Santa Claus knows and remembers the names of your children
  • 3. We believe Christmas is about family and Christmas is about tradition
  • 4. We believe in it’s a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, A Christmas STory, Christmas Vacation, Rudolph-the-Red-Nosed-Reindeer, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, A Christmas Carol, and Polar Express.
  • 5. We believe in looking up into the sky on Christmas Eve
  • 6. We believe that kids grow up too fast
  • 7. We believe Mom should be given a medal for everything she does to get ready for Christmas
  • 8. We believe the afternoon of Christmas Eve, until the afternoon of Christmas Day, is the best 24 hours of the entire year
  • 9. We believe in decorating the tree as a family (while listening to Bing, Nat, Mariah, Judy, and Andy)
  • 10. We believe in holiday spirit!
  • 11. We believe in helping families celebrate Christmas the right way…their way!
  • 12. We believe in our mission: To make the best morning ever…even better!

“Your Santa Story” puts love and consideration into giving your family fond memories and this is a dvd I will treasure always.

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