My Family’s Gingerbread Houses on Black Friday

My kids and I have a tradition of making Gingerbread houses on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  Each person gets a kit.  One of the boys usually makes a train, my daughter a house, and another boy usually makes a tree.  I make what ever floats my boat for the year.  I have an idea in my head so I think I’ll be making a house.


Most of the fun making these is using our imagination.  The only rule is it has to be eatable.  I have a pretty good stockpile going right now of old Halloween candy and items left over from last year.  Mind you we don’t actually eat these.  Some of the great items we’ve found useful in the past are:

Tootsie Pops or Suckers as light posts

Tootsie Rolls for logs or rolled flat to make a sidewalk

Ribbon candy as gifts in the back of the train, the green works well for bushes around the houses

Neccos for the roof

Marshmallows for a snowman

and this year I’m going to attempt a stained glass window on mine using an exacto knife to cut out a window from the gingerbread and different colored candies melted together for the window.  This will probably have me pulling out my hair, but that is part of the fun.


Here is a link to a book I reviewed in 2010 with lots of information “How To Build A Gingerbread House” by Christina Banner.  This year I will take pictures.  I’m terrible at pictures and need to work on following family memories.


Does your family make Gingerbread Houses?  What do you use on yours?


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