12/01/12 emerginC aromatic cream tea cleanser – Giveaway

I’ve shared emerginC products with you before and I love them, but I think I found one I’m really in love with. aromatic cream tea cleanser from emerginC is pure, potent, gentle, aromatic creamy cleanser perfect for sensitive skin.

Start and end your day with emerginC’s aromatic cream tea cleanser. Made with three tea extracts, this gentle creamy cleanser will not only soothe your skin, but you mind as well. Use aromatic cream tea cleanser to gently remove dirt, makeup, and excess oil. Perfect for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.

aromatic cream tea cleanser draws upon the soothing and calming effects of matricaria and the effective antioxidant properties of green tea, white tea and red tea to put power and relaxation in every use. aromatic cream tea cleanser contains hibiscus, which clams, soothes, and can help with microcirculation.

My son and I both have been fighting over this cleanser. It smells divine and it cleans gently keeping his breakouts at a minimum and my face clean and clear.

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