12/03/12 Kor Vida Water Bottle – Giveaway

Re-usable water bottles are a must here, especially with all the activities that go on. Each person has their own as well to help make their hectic life a little easier. Each family member is in charge of keeping their own water bottle clean, filled, and cold. My daughter takes her Kor Water Bottle to work and college to help save her from buying drinks. My oldest son takes his Kor Water Bottle on his Boy Scout outings and hikes to stay hydrated.

Our uses go on an on, so we were excited to add a KOR Vida Hydration Vessel to our family. It is important to me and my family to have a quick and easy drink to grab on the way out the door. It saves me not only time but money. Best of all we aren’t putting another plastic bottle into a landfill.

Being green with Kor is both easy and efficient and the KOR Vida Hydration Vessel makes an excellent stocking stuffer for anyone on your list (think teachers).

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