12/04/12 Expressionables – Personalized Holiday Cards & Wrapping Paper Giveaway

It’s time for Holiday Cards and Paper. I LOVE cards that scream ME or our family. Personalized paper though isn’t something you see everyday. Expressionables, is a unique company offering personalized products from Weddings and Birthdays to all of the Holidays.

I was really excited to create my own Christmas Cards. It was a cinch. I picked the card I wanted for our family and added the photos. The result was a unique card to show all of our family and friends a little bit of our lives of 2012.

I love giving gifts to teachers and friends. Most of the time they are just created with love by the kids and I, but to me the wrapping is the excitement. A beautifully wrapped gift creates excitement and fun both from the giver and the receiver which is why I’m totally in love with expressionables personalized wrapping paper. Yep I said wrapping paper. You can add family pictures, your family name or even a little saying.

These help make the Holidays so much more fun for our family.

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