12/06/12 I Can’t Believe My Cat Did That! From Chicken Soup For The Soul *3* Winners

Chicken Soup For The Soul
I can’t Believe My Cat Did That!
101 Stories about the crazy antics of our Feline Friends
Jack Canfield
Mark Victor Hansen
Jennifer Quasha
If you follow our blog you know we have 4 cats, two of them are foundly kittens. 2 Live in our finished family room basement and the older 2 live upstairs. This book shares amazing stories that are heart warming, heart breaking, but most of all FUNNY! I went to bed with this book last night and laughed out loud, while hubby was trying to sleep.

I thought I would share a funny story of our new kitties Heather and Oliver. Heather who the kids swore was a girl is a boy. But HE comes to the name Heather so it’s stuck. Oliver we don’t know what he is because he will sit next to us but we’re not allowed to touch him or he’ll hiss. So I threw a big cat ball to them and out comes shy little Oliver batting the ball to Heather. This was fun to watch for a few minutes and then it happened. One tackeled the other and it was ON! They started tackeling one another and having fun. The love they have for each other is unbendable.

If you’re a cat person this book is for you. It makes a fun and thought full book too.

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