12/11/12 Agloves Perfect For Your Guy & His Touch Screens – Giveaway

When Rose and I went to New York everyone was using handheld devices that had touch screens. While working with Agloves, I asked about gloves for the working man. As you can imagine the men who work outside in the winter weather here freeze their hands. I was really happy when they shared their Agloves Heavy Duty Grip Touch Gloves with me.


AgHD gloves use a newly crafted DuraSilver™ technology, which increases the lifespan of silver by up to 20%. Silver, as you may know, is a delicate metal, and touchscreen gloves across the market suffer from “use” of gloves in the integrity of the silver. With the new DuraSilver™ process a process unique to Agloves, these gloves are perfect for tough use or industrial use, as in construction sites, public transit or agriculture.

I was impressed to find that Agloves are the official glove liner supplier to the US Ski Patrol. They have been chosen and endorsed by the US Department of Defense as the best touch glove. They sell to more than 40 countries worldwide. Best yet? They are based in the tech-hub of Boulder, Colorado.

So how do they work? They work extremely well. First off, when we went to the tree lighting Saturday night I wore them and my hands stayed warm. My next test, would they work with my phone. Yep, they worked well. I was able to call all of the family together to the car when we were ready to leave. So, the Agloves have a 2 thumbs up from me. Now, I’ll hand them over to my husband.

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