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Morning, Noon and Night
Erotica for Couples

Edited by Alison Tyler


Scorching Hot Sex—Anytime, Anywhere

According to recent research, men think about sex twenty times a day, theoretically twice as much as women. Alison Tyler thinks about sex twenty-four hours a day and the result is Morning, Noon and Night, a sizzling collection of headily sensual stories featuring hot for each other couples whose love fuels their lust. From delicious trysts at dawn to naughty nooners, afternoon delights and all night long lovemaking sessions, Alison Tyler is your guide to twenty-four hours of sultry, slippery sex.

In “Ten a.m. Kickoff,” Donna George Storey’s new couple puts on a spectacular halftime show and Kat Watson’s “Noon: Lunchtime Rendezvous” starts with an enticing text: Dungeon, naked, 30 minutes. Editor Alison Tyler’s own “Three a.m. Last Call” turns into a very happy hour with five guys and a lucky girl at the local bar. Any way you tick the minutes, these happy lovers take time to make time.

With contributed stories by Aisling Weaver, Jax Baynard, Dante Davidson, Heidi Champa, Cheyenne Blue, Georgia E. Jones, Justine Elyot, Donna George Storey, Jeremy Edwards, Kat Watson, Angell Brooks, Thomas S. Roche, Sasha White, Cora Zane, Kristina Lloyd, Sommer Marsden, Teresa Noelle Roberts, Victoria Janssen, Kate Pearce, Preston Avery, Ashley Lister, N.T. Morley, Vida Bailey, Sophia Valenti, and Alison Tyler.


Morning, Noon, and Night is a fun novel for couples.  The individual stories start at 4 am and end at 3 am, each hour is a different story, written by a different writer.  Individual writers means different writing styles, different vocabularies, and of course a new story line.   Perfect for snuggling and reading to you man.

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