12/13/12 DrawerDecor Organizing System For Your Drawers – Giveaway

I love working with companies that are in Michigan, about Michigan or made in Michigan, and today I’m reviewing, DrawerDecor located in Traverse City, our nearest city. DrawerDecor is a system of both fashion and function by helping you organize your drawers. No more messy silverware, utensils or other items that get shoved in a drawer.

The DrawerDecor™ system is comprehensive, yet infinitely customizable, and brings organization and style to any kitchen environment. With a custom molded silicone non-slip mat and Divitz components, you will never again be at the mercy of space eating pre-molded drawer systems.  The Divitz are easily moved around.  Those little items that are odd shaped?  Just move the molded Divitz components around and it’s a perfect fit.

My cupboards are still new and lacking organization. I received lime green and and was able to arrange the BaseMat  and Divitz to fit my needs. When I started putting the silverware back in it didn’t fit right and I was getting a little irritated. Then it hit me. I can rearrange the little molded Divitz. After working with the system I had my drawer perfectly organized.

My daughter and I have been thinking about other awesome ways we could use this special material and organizing system. Over the last year or two I have accumulated a few new pots and pans, and I work hard to keep them scratch free. Cutting the mat to this organizer would fit between the pans perfectly and keep them from sliding around.

The designer and inventor, Keith M. Nielson is a highly determined and a creative entrepreneur, inventor and artist. He has a drive to make his visions a reality.

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