Walk Into The Bank For A Pin and Walk Out With a Mortgage

Walking into the bank for a pin number and walking out with a new mortgage. Who knew? My husband has never had a pin number. He always takes my debit card to town and I finally put my foot down when I went to the counter to pay for my groceries and it was gone. I started to cry (I know big Whiney Boo Boo eh?) until it hit me. I had a check book in my purse. Rarely do I have a checkbook (it’s a relic you know) and it’s only a 50/50 chance I’ll be carrying a purse. I’m drifting from the subject.

So he walks up to the counter and is escorted to an office. Geesh, I’m thinking just for a damn pin number. Moments later he’s waving at me to come in. It’s then I see the boy man I went to school with as a loan officer. Wow! Who knew? Nice nice guy, so anyway Neal says do you know we’re paying too much in interest? Ummm yeah, doesn’t everyone. No seriously my friend from high school says. I can bring your rate down 2% and give you a shorter term mortgage, saving you over $200 a month. NO WAY!

So, now we’re refinancing and my husband won’t be 100 years old when the mortage is finished, and here I sit waiting for the appraiser. This loan can’t be wrapped up fast enough for me. $200 goes a LONG way especially since…..we’re going to be paying more for health insurance. They tell us to thank Obama. Well, here is the thing, nothing from Obama has been implemented where our insurance company is concerned and they’ve upped it in anticiaption. Loan sharks are what they are. We pay $475 a month for crap insurance. Wait wait wait with the “atleast you have insurance” rant. It doesn’t pay for everything. We still have huge bills we’re paying on because they didn’t cover it. We pay more because we’re fat and that is descrimination (isn’t 2/3 of America?). Oh I’m stopping right there on the insurance issue or it’ll be a rant.

Speaking of anticipation our gas is down by over .40 a gallon. I’m not complaining. I am however celebrating, since this price too is an anticipation. Lastly, finally, please keep the people in the East in your prayers. They’re still hurting. Which brings me around to I’m happy to pay my mortgage, insurance and for gas because I can and I’m counting my blessings because we have heat …… you get the picture.

Psst! Rose hates it when I’m on a 100 things running through my mind post. XX00


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